Carnegie to Aid Porto Rico

Publication: Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Date: Monday, Aug. 5, 1901
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His San Juan Library Expected to Send Books Over the Island

San Juan, Porto Rico, July 30- Negotiations are under way between Andrew Carnegie and Education commissioner Martin G. Brumbaugh, who, in this matter, represents the people of Porto Rico, which will give San Juan and all of Porto Rico one of the famous Carnegie libraries.

The San Juan Council met today and decided to appropiate $6,000 yearly as a maintenance fund for the library. Mr. Carnegie's private secretary, James Bertram, wrote that it was the millonaire's custom to give ten times the amount of the maintenance fund.

However, Mr. Brumbaugh hopes to so present the claims and needs of Porto Rico that Mr. Carnegie may be induced to give $15,000. The idea is to procure a public library for San Juan and also have a distributing library for other portions of the island.

it is proposed to erect a $100,000 building on the Plaza Colon, wich directly overlooks the beautiful harbor. Here is located the famous statue of Christopher Columbus, and overlooking all is the historic fortress San Cristobal. The library will have a lecture auditorium on the second floor, while the library proper will be located on the first floor.

Library for Porto Rico

Publication: Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Date:Friday, October 25, 1901
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Carnegie will Furnish $100,000 for Erection of Building-San Juan to Support Institution.

San Juan de Porto Rico, October 25- Andrew Carnegie, from Skibo Castle, has writen to Martin G. Brumbaugh, Commissioner of Education of Porto Rico, as a result of an extended correspondence since July, saying; "I shall be glad to furnish $100,000 for the erection of a public library at San Juan, on condition that the site will be furnished and that the city will pledge itself to support the library by an appropiation of $6,000 annually, suplemented by action on the part of the Insular Legislature bringing the total up to $8,000 or $9,000."

Mr. Carnegie thinks $100,000 will be ample to erect the building and provide books for the site. Funds for the maintenance of the library have already been appropiated.

The trustees, Governor Hunt, the Mayor and Mr. Brumbaugh will meet tonight and formulate the necessary plans for the creation of the building.